Why did MSD get into the fertilizer business?
Putting Louisville’s biosolids into the landfill is a waste. Biosolids contain the nutrients that plants – and people – need to thrive. MSD’s 5-3-0 fertilizer pellets have valuable nutrients which are missing from some commercial fertilizers.

Biosolids are one of the most studied issues ever regulated by the US EPA. Decades of studies have shown biosolids can be safely used on food crops. The National Academy of Sciences says,

"[T]he use of these materials in the production of crops for human consumption when practiced in accordance with existing federal guidelines and regulations, presents negligible risk to the consumer, to crop production and to the environment."

Properly treated biosolids are safer than manure, and are land-applied in all 50 states. Sod farmers, golf greenskeepers and sports-field groundskeepers have used biosolids to build great turf for decades.

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